Edmonton Oilers’ McDavid Opens Up About Draft Lottery

The NHL Draft Lottery is Saturday, and the Edmonton Oilers know that they may just come out again on top and win that first-overall draft pick. Though this may be an exciting time for the organization and the fans, as the Oilers would have to discover what do with the pick, it is interesting to see how the players going into the draft really feel about it.

Connor McDavid opened up about how the draft lottery really is for the players in play to the “Edmonton Sun”, and described it in three short sentences.

“It’s not fun. It’s stressful. It’s upsetting,” McDavid told the Edmonton Sun.

The reaosn it is upsetting is because, according to McDavid, that one pick changes your entire life.

“When they open one of those envelopes, your fate is being decided for the next how many years,” McDavid said. “There’s way more than hockey involved.”

Since it’s not likely that the team drafting the first-overall pick will want to trade it away anytime soon, that player has a whole new weight put on his shoulders. This is where he will live, which team he will represent and where he will play in his NHL career. It will be their life, in a city that has been chosen for them with a franchise that has selected him. It is an odd thing.

If the Edmonton Oilers do win that first-overall pick, Peter Chiarelli has not shot down rumors that the Oilers may look to trade it for an upgrade to their defensive corps. With the first-overall selection projected to be Auston Matthews, there are many possible destinations. Toronto, of course, if they win first-overall. Edmonton, or even another team if the Oilers trade the pick away.

“If I were to say anything to Matthews, it would be to keep an open mind,” McDavid said. “Whatever happens, happens.”

In the end, McDavid says despite what the media said about him being upset that he was taken first-overall by the team that has surely struggled more than any other in the NHL, he is incredibly excited and happy to be a part of the Oilers organization.

“I’m so grateful with the way it all worked out. I love being an Oiler and playing hockey in Edmonton,” McDavid said. “I can’t wait to go back next year. We can be good. We will be good.”

The Sun goes into more detail about McDavid’s memories, and is incredibly well-written. Check out the entire article from the Sun here.