Edmonton Oilers: Twelve Days of Chirstmas

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A First-Overall Pick (again!)/h]

Haha! Yes, we are starting off the slideshow discussing our first overall pick. I mean, it is the first day of Christmas, right? So let’s talk about the greatest gift of all to start this season. At the NHL draft in June, the Oilers won the number one lottery pick, beating out a ton of teams that needed it (sucks to suck, Buffalo). But hey, we walked away with Connor McDavid.

He threw on that jersey and called being drafted to the Oilers “a dream come true.” He also said he wanted to spend his entire career in an Oilers jersey and to play with the team forever. An extremely humble and modest player, he enjoys compliments comparing him to the likes of Steven Stamkos and Wayne Gretzky, but explains he is just playing hockey and is trying to be the best that he can be.

The kid has stolen all of our hearts, and though he sits out injured now, we are eagerly awaiting his return. He’ll be back sooner rather than later, and maybe a miracle will come and he’ll be back on the ice in January. He’s starting to shoot and skate now, so let’s wait and see.

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