Edmonton Oilers 2015-16 Report Card Thus Far

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Matt Hendricks, B+

I love Matt Hendricks. He is an all-around guy and an amazing person who loves to help others, on and off the ice. A huge supporter of troops home and abroad, he works hard and plays a gritty game, while also always remembering to give back.

One of the pluses I have seen out of Hendricks this season is an increased role in leadership. He was given one of the “As” after Andrew Ference gave up the captaincy, and with that, he is a huge voice on the ice and in the locker room. He always looks out for his fellow players and can be a role player in certain situations.

Let’s look at his role in shootouts for example. Hendricks’s moves are insane, and they have helped us remain undefeated in the shootout so far this season. With his smart play, he is a player that can fake out goalies and possesses hidden skill that take our opponents by surprise.

As far as being Hendricks goes, he’s doing fine. Two goals, three helpers and a plus-4 is fine by me, especially because of what he usually gives us each season. He’s on pace for 15 points and a plus-12, and that’s exactly what he is supposed to deliver.

The reason he is a B+ is because of his maturity and leadership roles, as well as his triumphs through injury and dedication to the team. Also, let’s not forget that he made his way onto Edmonton’s first line for a while, where he proved to produce a bit.