Edmonton Oilers 2015-16 Report Card Thus Far

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Mandatory Credit: Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

Anders Nilsson, A

What an underdog story has Anders Nilsson showed us. Coming in from a trade with the Islanders, Nilsson has proved himself to this organization. He was first competing with Ben Scrivens for the backup spot to Talbot, and with an incredible training camp, stole the spot away from him. He then took the starting position from Talbot within a quick couple of games.

“Anders the Giant” is his nickname, due to the fact that he’s 6-foot-5 and isn’t afraid of anyone. He is 10-9-1 on the season and has a 2.79 GAA and .910 save percentage behind a terrible defense. He was in part responsible for Edmonton’s six-game winning streak and has been a hero for the Oilers in shootouts, as well as overtime.

He is a great goaltender with skill and determination. He is dedicated to the organization and is always able to prove himself capable of going the extra mile. However, with a poor performance in recent December games, he will have to step it up to keep the starting spot over Cam Talbot, who’s trying to play the same game Nilsson did when he robbed Scrivens and Talbots of the Oilers’ crease.

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However, the goaltender gets an A. Though he has too struggled and has been hung out to dry, his underdog story and his dedication makes him an outstanding goalie capable of starting in the NHL.