Edmonton Oilers 2015-16 Report Card Thus Far

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Eric Gryba, B

Eric Gryba’s going to get a pretty solid grade here. He has four assists and an even plus-minus rating at 0. He plays a smart defensive game and knows how to step up and play a tough game.

He is pretty tough himself, and he’s not afraid to push others around or stand up for his teammates. However, his performance is that of a third-pairing defenseman; it is nothing special. He goes out, does his job, and goes back on the bench. He has 31 PIM and 63 hits, so he shoes that he’s not a guy to be reckoned with on the ice.

Not only that, he is constantly shooting the puck and working on creating opportunities. With his game log comes a plethora of shots on goal, and that is something that the Oilers need from the blue line: a defenseman who is not afraid to shoot the puck. And thankfully, that is something that Gryba can deliver game in and game out.

Overall, I think a B is a pretty solid grade. He’s not spectacular and he still has flashes of mistakes and troubles on the blue line, but otherwise, he is a pretty good defenseman overall. No complaints most of the time, but no all-star votes or constant shoutouts.