Edmonton Oilers 2015-16 Report Card Thus Far

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Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Luke Gazdic, C

Luke Gazdic has never been quite the producer. He has always been a fourth liner, a tough guy who is willing to raise his fists up and fight anyone who crosses his team. However, that persona has faded a bit, along with his performance this season.

Gazdic has one goal, a minus-5 rating and 20 PIM through 22 games this season. He has not been fighting too much, and he has not really been doing… well, anything. He lacks the ability to produce and create opportunities, and that is what a fourth line is supposed to do, while it also can serve as a checking line and grinding line for some teams. While he’s out there for the short time McLellan allots him, he doesn’t do much. At all.

That’s where the issue of Gazdic comes to mind. He hasn’t been standing up for our guys or really making any kind of moves as an enforcer, and he doesn’t even have numbers to make up for that lack of presence. At this point, I would think of Gazdic as an enforcer and would therefore want him to breakout and act like one. However, that just hasn’t happened too much this season, and therefore, he is getting a C grade.