Edmonton Oilers 2015-16 Report Card Thus Far

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Mandatory Credit: Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports

Rob Klinkhammer, C

Rob Klinkhammer hasn’t been around that much, due to the fact that he has spent most of this season injured. He has one goal through about 10 games this season, and that is usually how he performs. The winger isn’t one who is the scoring type, but he has been unable to score much.

In fact, he has only taken eight shots, and he is a minus-5 on the season. If he would just come out and shoot the puck more, good things would happen in the short time that he is on the ice each game. However, he choses to hold back, and because he does hold back, he has no results to show. He is also poor on the backend, and though I love Klink and think he is an incredible person, he is just not a good player-barely on the ice-this season.

I’m not saying it’s his fault at all that he’s always injured, but there is only so much that he able to tolerate playing in an Oilers jersey.

But if you look back, his time with Arizona wasn’t the worst. He scored a combined 36 points in two seasons with the Yotes, and now that the’s with Edmonton, his production has withered away to one goal seasons. And when Edmonton dealt him to Pittsburgh and then got him right back, he still wants scoring. Something’s got to give, and maybe it is just the fact that young Klinkhammer is just not on-balance in Edmonton.

Nevertheless, I have to give him a C grade. Even though he’s been injured, he has more potential. His lack of shots and poor backchecking bring his grade down.