Edmonton Oilers 2015-16 Report Card Thus Far

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Edmonton Oilers 2015-16 Report Card Thus Far

How do we explain this season so far for the Edmonton Oilers? One of ups and downs, for sure. The Oilers have had good times, including a recent six-game winning streak and huge breakthroughs. They’ve had not-so-good times, including the injury of rookie Connor McDavid and their skids.

We also have those who have been recalled, those who have been sent down, those who have been waived and those who have been shuffled around in the Oilers lineup. Todd McLellan has had the opportunity to work with many players this season, including in training camp, and we are going to determine who has been good and just awful with the use of grades. Hey, all of you college kids reading just finished finals, so why don’t you feel a bit better about what you got on your transcript by looking at the grades for your favorite Oilers players?

Especially due to the fact that a trade freeze is coming up, and due to my belief that it is most certainly time for the Oilers to make a move and shuffle around the lineup, I believe it is time to go player-by-player and review each and every Oiler, giving them a grade and explaining why. Because honestly, some of them have been great, while others have been awful. We will use in-depth statistics, trends and other information, including flashbacks to certain performances, to help us decide the grades for each player to suit up for the copper and blue this year.

Note that we will not rate the following two players: Nikita Nikitin and Griffin Reinhart, due to a majority of their time out of the lineup and in the AHL.