Edmonton Oilers Fans: Put an End to “McJesus” Nickname


“The Edmonton Oilers put their faith in their lord and second coming, Connor McJesus.”  We’ve heard the nickname since June, when the Oilers drafted Connor McDavid the first round.  This kid has been being watched since he turned 13, and now, he was ready to become the next greatest player since Wayne Gretzky.

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Though fans mean well with the nickname “McJesus,” implying that he is the Oilers second coming and that he is going to lead the Oilers to heights they have not seen in the past nine years, it is getting a bit absurd, to the point where we need to come up with a new nickname for Connor McDavid.

First off, it is not right to compare any being to Jesus Christ.  I know, it’s freedom of speech, but sadly, McDavid is not a divine figure.  The kid is 18 years old; he doesn’t even want to be thought of as an almighty supreme being.  He just wants to play hockey, have fun doing it and maybe make a little history every now and then.  Being known as “McJesus” is not what he wants, and he obviously isn’t a fan of the nickname.

Also, we all claim that the media over covers him and that everyone puts too high of expectations on him.  Isn’t the nickname “McJesus” pressure enough?  Isn’t comparing him to the lord and savior, as well as the son of God, putting so much pressure on him to do what Jesus did, but to just do it for hockey?

I might be over exaggerating, but this is what the fans that refer to Connor as “McJesus” are doing.  They are expecting him to pave the way, to bring enlightenment to this team.  And that is fine; I hope he does the same too.  However, I don’t need to compare him to the Lord in order to do that.

In addition, do you all really think that Connor likes the nickname “McJesus?”  The kid hates having cameras shoved in his face 24/7, as well as being watched by millions every two seconds.  Sure, he is happy to play for the NHL and knew this was something that was going to happen, but he doesn’t have to like it.

It’s a disrespectful nickname that puts too much pressure on McDavid.  Usually, I sit and laugh at some of the nicknames placed on hockey players.  “The Great Eight” “Stammer” “Sid the Kid.”  They’re cool names, but “McJesus” does not fall under this category.

He’s amazing, no doubt about it.  The kid is going to be the Next Big Thing to lead the new generation of hockey.  Who knows, he could be the next Gretzky.  But he needs a new nickname.

I call for a new nickname for Connor.  Tell us your nickname for him in the comments.  Hint: do not mention a character from the Bible while entering a name?  King Connor, anyone?  See, does that one do any harm?  I didn’t think so.

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