Edmonton Oilers: All-Time Ultimate Opening Night Roster


As you all know, the Edmonton Oilers have a history of great players.  Although the team hasn’t had it’s top times in recent years, the entire life of the franchise has proved successful with multiple Stanley Cup Championships, Playoff Runs and great players.  For kicks, we decided to put together the ultimate opening night roster, consisting of all-time players.


First Line:

Ryan Smyth-Wayne GretzkyJari Kurri

This first line is lethal.  Kurri is probably the greatest Oilers left winger, period.  With 670 goals and 797 assists, Kurri would rip pucks through the net non-stop.  Gretzky needs no explanation.  With the most goals, assists and points ever in the NHL, The Great One’s scoring streak would go on forever.  Smyth’s ability is hard to compete with.  He played the full 60 minutes each game and has the ability to help attribute to multiple goals.  With this top line, teams will be running to the locker room before the game even starts.

Second Line:

Esa TikkanenMark MessierGlenn Anderson

This second line is full of Stanley Cup champions.  Tikkanen is a great left winger and won five Cups, and his goal-scoring ability is not to be underestimated.  Like Gretzky, we don’t need to explain the next greatest player, as Messier is your ultimate Cup champion, goal scorer and playmaker.  He’s just like Gretzky, except we’re putting him on the second line since the Great One is already at the center. Anderson had nearly 500 goals, 601 assists and was part of six Cup championships, five of which were with Edmonton.  He’s the guy you want on the wing.  This line can do no wrong, and it won’t stop the offensive rhythm.

Third Line:

Taylor HallDoug WeightJordan Eberle

Though this line is full of present-day players, it is still lethal.  Hall is a great scorer who would live up to his full potential if he stopped getting injured.  However, his scoring ability as a left-wing is dangerous, giving him the ability to score at least 20 goals each season, even with a shorter amount of games.  Weight is one of the greatest playmakers ever to skate on NHL ice.  The former Oilers captain  had over 700 assists throughout his career, along with 278 goals to his name.  He knows where to pass the puck and how to play the game to help his team score.  In Eberle’s short time in the NHL, he has made a huge impact on the Oilers, supplying most of their goals from the past season and at least 20 each season.  He also plays a full 60 minutes.  With Weight’s help, this line would certainly play till the buzzer night in and night out.

Fourth Line:

Dave SemenkoRyan Nugent-HopkinsAles Hemsky

This line isn’t as strong as the others, but these players cannot be ignored.  Though Semenko’s stats were not the highest, he was still a hard-working left winger that could put the puck in the back of the net and served as a key member of the Oilers’, contributing to two of the team’s Stanley Cup Championships.  Though Nugent-Hopkins hasn’t been in the league for long, he is already on his way to great things.  At 22, RNH already possesses great ability, averaging around 20 goals each season and at least 30 assists per season.  He’s clearly a key center.  Hemsky, though not the greatest at times, is an Oiler to remember.  With normally at least 20 goals per season, and usually high assist numbers (high of 58), Hemsky has the ability to either snipe and score, or just create plays.  These three put together would create a playmaking frenzy that would lead to more offense and more goals.

Defensemen- Top Two

Paul CoffeyKevin Lowe

Yes, these two are not a pairing together, as they both shoot left.  However, there is no other two defensemen more deserving of these top spots.  Both have multiple Stanley Cups to their names, as well as hundreds of points and amazing abilities.  And remember, they are defensemen.  Coffey is an all-time great and definitely the guy who can score when necessary, as well as help out on the backend.  Lowe is the player who plays till the game ends, and he will do whatever it takes to win.  When the game is on the line, you call on Lowe.

Starting Goaltender

Grant Fuhr

This barely needs an explanation.  Grant Fuhr is the Oilers’ starting netminder.  Though his GAA is above 3.00, he has Six All-Star Games, a Vezina Trophy, a Jennings Award and four Stanley Cup Championships to his name.  Gretzky calls him one of the greatest goaltenders ever to play, and I agree wholeheartedly.  He is a champion and sees the game well.  Lastly, he does anything to stop the puck.

Do you agree with this roster?  Let us know in the comments!  Let’s go Oilers!

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