Jeff Petry A Montreal Canadien

The news came down shortly before 7am Monday: Jeff Petry, dealt to the Montreal Canadiens by the Edmonton Oilers for a 2nd Round pick, and a conditional 5th round pick in this Spring’s draft.

To be clear, Craig MacTavish could not win in the eyes of most fans and critics. But a lot of those people are confusing the inability to re-sign Petry with the return for a rental player at the trading deadline. It really helps if you separate the two.

I don’t disagree with you on the contract front: How this got away from the Edmonton Oilers we may never understand. But the fact is, it had become abundantly clear that Petry was not going to re-sign. The Oilers DID offer him a long-term contract, he rejected it, and every other General manager in the NHL knew that. As a result, this is about what the market was going to dictate.

But if you can move past the contract issue, I would suggest that a more constructive way to look at this would be in the following light: The Edmonton Oilers had two draft picks last June in the Top 100. This year, so far at least, it is 7 picks in the Top 100. Think about that for a minute…

That fact puts Craig MacTavish in a much better position to improve this club, sooner, than he was in last June. Draft picks, especially high ones, are highly liquid on the trading market. And the 2nd rounder, by the way, is Colorado’s 2nd, not Montreal’s. That’s not bad. Not great…but not bad.

An interesting aside is the conditional 5th, which could escalate to a 3rd, depending on how the Habs do in the playoffs. Worth a watch there. A 5th is basically “nothing”, but a 3rd could end up being something, someday. We shall see.

Yes, getting a prospect instead of that 5th might have been attractive, but at that point, you are talking a distant bell, a middling AHL player. It is way more likely that you can parlez that 5th (or whatever it turns into) into a real player in June.

I expect the Oilers will be fairly quiet for the rest of the day. I expect the next order of business will be to re-sign Justin Schultz.

Also…expect Brandon Davidson in Edmonton before the week is over.