Edmonton Oilers – Predictions Going Forward


So what can Fans expect from the Edmonton Oilers franchise for the rest of the season?

  1. A Viktor Fasth Audition

Fasth really hasn’t solidified himself as any kind of potential impact player so I think you can pretty much see him out the door at this point. Perhaps he can be traded away for a “future asset” before the deadline. It seems in his last few starts Fasth has started to look like a potential NHL goaltender again – perhaps some playoff bound team that would like low rent goaltending insurance for their run at the Cup might pick him up?

Prediction: Fasth is traded to a playoff contender for less than a 4th rounder.

  1. Interest in Jeff Petry will Skyrocket

I don’t know what the Oilers will get for this top-4 right-shooting d-man, but I expect it won’t be as much as Petry is worth to the Oilers franchise today. Petry has been flying under the radar as an under-appreciated defender on the Oilers blue line and he is now set to walk away for nothing. Too bad for Oilers fans that one of the top products actually drafted and developed in house by the Oilers organization is soon going to walk away for very little return.

Prediction: Petry is traded before the deadline for a borderline NHL prospect.

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    1. The Return of Martin Marincin

    As Petry leaves the door will open once again for Marincin who will return to the Oilers blue line on a “tryout” basis for the remainder of the season. This will give Oilers management a better idea of what to do with him going forward. He better bring his best effort to date as he’s likely running out of chances.

    Prediction: Martin Marincin will not impress over the remainder of the season.

    1. Derek Roy – Leaves via UFA

    Roy will play himself into a new contract on a better team for next season. Just remember if you’re a washout for the Nashville Predators that you can still play second line center for the Oilers.

    Prediction: Derek Roy will finish the season with Edmonton but leave via free agency.

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    1. Nail Yakupov – Gives Up and Goes Home

    Yakupov will be confirmed as a total bust. Nobody wants to trade a real asset to acquire him and no coach can seem to get through to him and get him going offensively. Likely he’ll move to another team at some point a la Miro Satan and still become a career 30 goal scorer – in the KHL after he leaves Edmonton.

    Prediction: Yakupov will leave for the KHL just as other Russian busts before him have done joining the likes of Alexander Radulov and Nikolai Zherdev.

    1. Justin Schultz – Negotiations Go Nowhere

    Oilers management has been so high on this kid and at this point nobody can figure out why Schultz deserves the benefit of the doubt. He’s not really defensively capable, he’s not even defensively competent. He doesn’t provide enough offense from the backend to really be called an offensive defenseman either. Maybe he’s some kind of hybrid defenseman that doesn’t really do anything well? Like a Tom Gilbert 2.0.

    Prediction: Contract talks with Schultz will get ugly as Oilers brass feeling the heat from fans won’t want another Tom Gilbert contract on their hands like 6 seasons at 4.0 million per season.

    So there are a few things to keep tabs on for the remainder of the season. I wish there was more reason for optimism, but there just isn’t much to get excited about.