Top 5 Oilers’ Positives To Start the Season

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#1 – Proof this team can play – New Jersey game

Everyone knows this team in Edmonton has the talent that can keep up with most teams in this league.  But it’s been the inconsistent efforts and inability to put together a solid 60-minute effort that is plaguing this club.

Perhaps one of the most important positives that this team has portrayed in the small sample size of four games is the way they played in the third period against the New Jersey Devils.

Trailing 3-0 entering the final frame, the Oilers came out like a team possessed and damn near blew the roof off of Rexall Place with their heroic comeback.  They were relentless and proved that when hungry enough they can steam roll the bottom feeders in this league.

This type of mentality is needed every shift and it’ll be up to Dallas Eakins to be able restore that type of energy and mindset in the Oilers moving forward.  They have the talent, ability, skill, call it what you want.  This team has the pieces to compete for a playoff spot and had they shown up for the 60-minutes in the games against Winnipeg, Vancouver and Montreal then this team wouldn’t be 1-3 but likely 3-1.

Then we wouldn’t have to dwell so hard on the positives and wouldn’t wonder when this team is going to start playing like we know they can.

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