Top 5 Oilers’ Positives To Start the Season

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#3 – Out-shooting Opponents

Last season the Oilers were comparable to an open shooting gallery for their opponents, commonly getting outnumbered in the shots on goal department by a wide margin.

So far this season through four games that trend has reversed with three of those contests resulting in the Oilers having the edge in shots.  Two of the games have been a difference by a shot or two but it’s still in favor of the Oilers and proves they are generating chances by getting pucks at the net.

To start the year, the Oilers are averaging 29 shots for and 31 against.  It’s worth noting that the averages don’t favor the Oilers based on the Vancouver game that saw the Canucks fire 44 shots on Edmonton’s net.

It’s a positive trend to see the Oilers out shooting their opponents, even if they aren’t winning hockey games.  As mentioned, by getting the pucks to the net, they will eventually start getting some bounces to go their way which will lead to more victories.