Daily Poll: How Many More Cups Would the Oilers Won With Gretzky?


The 25th anniversary of the biggest trade in hockey history has come and gone.  Yes, for Oilers’ fans it’s an unpleasant reminder of that tulmultuous day that number 99 was traded to the Los Angeles Kings and while many sites dedicated the day to reflecting on the blockbuster deal, we here at Oil on Whyte never chimed in on it.

Given my absence during the official anniversary, I thought I’d get the readers opinion on how many Stanley Cups they think the Oilers would have won had they not dealt Gretzky to Hollywood.

It’s difficult to say for sure, but part of the fun is speculating just how good the Oilers would have been had the greatest player to ever play the game remained in the copper and blue.  The business side has taken over the sport but somewhere in all the reflecting of the deal, this Oiler fan remembers those glory years, albeit from a young lad’s perspective.

I recall the day he was dealt and many tears were shed as this then 9-year old boy didn’t understand why Peter Pocklington did what he did.  All I cared about was that my precious Oilers had just been ripped apart because Wayne Gretzky was traded.  Sure the fifth Stanley Cup helped close the wounds that the trade had left, but all this reminiscing has me wondering “what if.”

So now I ask you fellow Oilers’ fans.  How many cups do you think the Edmonton Oilers have won had they not traded away Gretzky twenty-five years ago.  Take part in our daily poll and let your voice be heard.

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