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You’re reading what I’m reading.

Tend The Farm : Taylor Hall Is Back, Barons Defeat Aeros 4-3 – It took Taylor Hall less than one minute to score in his first game as an OKC Baron.  He also was given a match penalty for this hit on Houston’s Jonas Brodin.  Unfortunate for Brodin and Hall about the hit, but it appears that Hall is showing no ill effects from his shoulder surgery he underwent this past March.

Artful Puck – Movember for BD – The Movember movemenet is a great cause, there’s no doubt.  It hits closer to home as prospect Brandon Davidson begins treatment.

Oil Acumen : Smid’s  New Contract – Comparing some cap hits to a one Ladislav Smid, and how the man is likely due for a few more pennies next contract.

Oilers Nation :  I Think The Lingo Is “Book It”– Robin Brownlee takes a look at how Kevin Lowe could have put a cork into the “WOW move” chatter that happened this week.  Kevin Lowe instead chose to exacerbate it.  (Side note:  How about a ‘wow’ labour agreement first?)

Sports Illustrated : NHL Cancels 2013 Winter Classic – Nothing to see here, move along now.  The NHL promises that thenext Winter Classic will be held in Michigan with the Wings and Leafs.  You know, whenever that is.


This segment is entitled ‘Hits’ from Don Cherry volume 1, featuring an even more synthesized version of Animotion’s “Obesession” (this is possible?) while we’re at it.

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