Top 10 Oiler Stories of 2011-12: #2 – Taylor Hall’s Skate Injury

Not a good year when any top ten list features two scary injuries.

It was like any other pregame skate.  The Oilers were in town to visit the Columbus Blue Jackets in mid January when the bottom fell out for Taylor Hall. Hall ended up tumbling to the ice and taking out Ladislav Smid, who in about .327 seconds arrived at the feet of Corey Potter.

In a split second, Potter tried to hurdle the pair, and inadvertently stepped on Taylor Hall’s forehead, causing everyone in Edmonton to hold their breath.  I’m going to go ahead and say that it probably wasn’t too awful much fun for Taylor Hall, either.

Putting Taylor Hall back together? No sweat. Photo courtesy Sportsnet

Hall needed help, and he needed it fast.

Taylor Hall’s injury was especially frightening in that it could’ve really done a number on his neck or eye.  Forget about playing hockey for a minute, and think if Potter’s skate was an inch to Hall’s right, or about six inches lower.

Or, think about if Hall was wearing his helmet and visor during the pregame skate.

Fortunately, Dr. Gregory Rekos (DDS, MS) was around to help put Taylor Hall back together again.    Combing back in the archives, I found that Gene Principe mentioned Dr. Rekos once or twice in his Twitter stream, but I didn’t think that was enough.  I looked for plastic surgeons in the Columbus area (that’s where Hall’s injury took place), and after about six or seven sites came about under Dr. Rekos, who had a profile pic that looked similar to the one you see here.

I phoned Dr. Rekos’ office and spoke to a lady named Jessica who wanted to help set the record straight that Dr. Rekos is not a plastic surgeon.  I’ve seen about a hundred different articles that have used the term ‘plastic surgeon’, and that’s not his title.  I figured that seeing as how he help stitch up one of the core pieces of this team’s future, it’s a fair trade off to say that he wasn’t a plastic surgeon, but he is a doctor of dentistry and a maxillofacial surgeon.  Because I am not a maxillofacial surgeon, I found out that maxillofacial surgery tends to cover the whole head, including garish skate injuries.

Kind of like how Sade is a band, yet Sade Adu was the lead singer of Sade?  Guy is not a plastic surgeon.  He does however, fix your face.

Photo courtesy JJ Hebert, Edmonton Oilers

Dr. Rekos returned my phone call and we chatted for a couple of minutes about the incident.  He said that Taylor Hall was “a good kid”, and I let him know that Oiler fans very much appreciate the job he did in such short notice.  Thanks in part to Dr. Rekos, Hall was able to get back into game action after missing just two games instead of something much worse altogether.

It’s been a while, but that’s the first nine stories in our top 10 Oiler Stories of 2011-12.  If you’ve been following along, you’ll likely know what number one is.  It’s coming up next…

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