The All Star Weekend Extravaganza: Gordon Graschuk, Organ Guy


The Oilers official website recently ran a little snippet about Gordon Graschuk.


If you scratched your head upon hearing Graschuk’s name, that’s more than a little understandable.  Graschuk is the guy that’s responsible for the in-game organ music that you hear every time you’re at Rexall Place.

I love organ music, it’s one of those things that will always bring me back to when I was very young, watching hockey on television.  I have a habit of breaking out into small conversations about arena experiences, and what makes them unique.  An example would be say, what goal horns are more aesthetically pleasing  than others (Edmonton, Montréal’s is quite shrill, and how Pittsburgh’s is the longest).  Part of that in-game arena experience is the organist.  Without the organist, you’re missing a big slice of the hockey game experience.

You might not think too awful much of the organ, but you can bet that you’d notice if it wasn’t there one night.  Frequently during play breaks, you’ll hear Graschuk play thirty or forty-five seconds of a song, followed by a familiar “Let’s Go Oilers” cadence.

The Oilers recently did a bit with Graschuk on ‘The Link’

Like a radio broadcaster, or in-game entertainment, you’re not going to the game to hear the organist.  But without it, you’re missing a piece of what makes going to a game such an experience.

Thanks for your work, Gord.  I look forward to hearing that familiar sound each and every time the Oilers take the ice at Rexall Place.

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