The Prohibitive Cost of Oilers Games

If you’re a typical Edmonton Oilers fan, you are likely a person who rarely makes their way to an actual live game. You go to a pub and have cheap wings, or maybe you stay home and cook some nachos in the oven and enjoy some Boxer Green Apple beer—yes, they actually make that. Now, there’s nothing inherently wrong with that; most fans never get to see a game in person very often, if at all. However, part of being a true fan means going to a game on occasion. Right now, the cost is prohibitive and tickets are at a premium, especially second hand. What to do?

Frankly, there’s not much we can do. Just a standing room only ticket will cost upwards of 70 dollars. Want a seat? Look at a whole lot more out of pocket. For instance, a hundred dollar ticket will probably get you a nosebleeds ticket. The WHL Oil Kings? You can see the entire playoff run at home for the same price. Ok, yeah, the WHL is not the NHL by a long shot. But is the hockey that much better that we should feel like we won the lottery if an Oilers ticket falls into our laps?

Truth be told, the organization knows the habits of its fans. They know we will come back every year, no matter how much they stink it up. Remember the lockout only a season and a half ago? Or the jersey on the ice a few months back? Fans talk a big game when it comes to holding the organization accountable, but once those players hit the ice, all is forgotten. Imagine Edmonton without professional sports; it would suck the life out of the city. The Oilers are a MAJOR element to our local culture and as it were, we let much slide.

Maybe, just maybe, we could demand lower ticket prices. Perhaps offer less popular games at lower prices. Wanna come see the Florida Panthers? Hey it’s only 100 bucks for a great seat. Wanna come see the Pittsburgh Penguins? That’ll be double. Hell, I don’t know, I’m only spitballing here. Regardless, things as they are shut out the lower income fan. It’s criminal that something that is such a huge part of our city is only known to a few. And those few tend to have fatter wallets.

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