Edmonton Oilers Ranked 14th Most Valuable NHL Team

The annual rankings of the NHL’s most valuable franchises was released by Forbes this week and the Edmonton Oilers came in at number 14 with a value of $400 million.  The study which is based around the current value of the club uses the previous year’s revenue, operating income, average ticket prices and attendance among other items to determine the value of the teams.

Given the Oilers are in Canada, where hockey is a passion despite the product in Edmonton not being as strong or successful as the fans would like, it’s no surprise to see the Oilers ranked at 14th.

This is a franchise that packs a tired and aging Rexall Place every night the home town boys take to the ice and win or lose, the faithful Oil Country fans will return again.  Not to mention they pay a premium priced ticket compared to the league averages.

The Forbes article also mentions the new arena deal that the city council of Edmonton and the Oilers agreed to construct with a price tag of $605 million.  It’s stated that the new arena should be ready by the 2017 year along with some surrounding infrastructure.

With the Oilers ranked in the middle of the pack in terms of value, fans are left wondering when that off-ice success will translate into a winning formula on the ice.  The playoffs are all but a miracle prayer at this point in what could be another losing season in Edmonton and no study from Forbes or any other prolific company will change the mood of Oilers fans.  They’re tired of losing and want so desperately to be able to cheer for their hockey team.

Not surprisingly, the Toronto Maple Leafs top the list with a value of over $1 billion dollars with the New York Rangers, Montreal Canadiens, Vancouver Canucks and Chicago Blackhawks rounding out the top five.  Forbes mentions it’s the first time in the study’s history that three Canadian teams are in the top five.

The bottom of the list has the St. Louis Blues at 28th, followed by the Tampa Bay Lightning and Columbus Blue Jackets who sit dead last in terms of valuable franchises.

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