A Fool And Her Money


Dear Mr. Katz;

A fool and his money are easily parted.   The Edmonton Oilers have played me as a fool for the last time.

Do you remember your draft party in 2010?  A part of it made the show Oil Change.  You were celebrating the upcoming pick of Taylor Hall.   You said something that elicited laughter from the whole room.  “It is great to have the number 1 pick, but we wouldn’t want to do this every year.”   Since 2010, your team has had two more number one picks and a 7th overall selection.   The Oilers are well on their way to another top pick.

Everyone is still laughing but the Oilers are the brunt of the jokes.  The Oilers have terrible goaltending, a pop-gun offence, and a defence that has no idea how to defend.  The Oilers have fired 5 coaches in 6 years, fired Steve Tambellini and hired Craig MacTavish.  None of these moves have led to any  progress.

The one constant has been your president of Hockey Operations.  Kevin Lowe, the man responsible for all these hires still has his job.  Why is that?  I understand loyalty and friendship but not on my dime!

How come I haven’t heard from you?  What do you plan to do about this mess?  Do you even care?  I have no idea, but I refuse to pay for it anymore.   Next year your organization will send me my renewal notice with it’s annual increase and I will laugh.

This may seem trivial, and you probably think that my money will be easily be replaced with another fool’s money.  Do you remember Peter Pocklington?  I do.   In fact he still owned the team when I bought my tickets.  I had my choice of seats as the Oilers ticket base had eroded to an all time low.

Understand that I have been a VERY diehard fan since 1979.  That doesn’t make me special.  There are plenty fans like me, but when fans as loyal as I have given up, apathy is not far behind.

Just one fool’s opinion but I am going to guess that I am not the only fan that feels this way.  You may want to stop taking the fans and their support for granted.




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