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Daring To Be Positive

Writing anything positive about the Oilers gets a visceral reaction.  How dare you be positive? The Oilers suck. I get it, but if I am not allowed to see anything positive then why would I bother watching?  Hockey is entertainment.

The negatives that have plagued the Oilers all season long were there again. Mediocre goaltending, putrid giveaways and sloppy defensive coverage is still a problem and we all know that.  Still, each game stands on it’s own and I can’t just ignore all positives because the Oilers are terrible.  For one thing I would go batty, and secondly beating my head against the wall isn’t that much fun.  So I will focus on some positives.

Taylor Hall – He really did not look like a guy that missed 7 games. He had 8 shots on goal, scored once and if not for Ben Bishop could have had 3 or 4.

Taylor Fedun – We all love a great comeback story.  The story would even be better if we have a player here.  2 goals in 2 games, and he looked capable in his defensive zone.

Healthy – The Oilers are close to healthy in the forward ranks.  While I understand the axiom “All teams have injuries”, the Oilers lead the league in man-games lost to injury.  The Oilers were able to generate 40 shots, and many of those shots were top caliber.  Bishop earned his 1st star honour last night.

This is not an Oilers coloured glasses outlook.  I am aware of the standings.  I am aware of the chances the Oilers have of making the playoffs.  I am aware of the negatives. I am also aware that hockey is a game, and entertainment.  So if there are positives and if the Oilers play well and lose, I am not scared to mention it.  Frankly, pointing out the same negatives, while all true, gets a little boring and frustrating.  Besides my doctor tells me I really have to stop with the head against the wall thing.

We can only hope that the Oilers start winning so that Oiler fans stop getting frustrated at anyone that dares to be positive!    While understandable, it really is a sad state of affairs.  For the sake of our Sanity, Go Oilers Go!

Next stop Philly.

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