Edmonton Oilers Scouting New York Rangers for Potential Trade

News broke last night that the Edmonton Oilers had three of their upper management personnel attending the New York Rangers game according to Larry Brooks of the NY Post, a team that the Oilers may be interested in dealing with.

Naturally, plenty of trade speculation follows suit anytime Kevin Lowe, Craig MacTavish and Mark Messier are seen together watching the Rangers and this time is no different.

Jonathan Willis of the Edmonton Journal captures the thoughts of Brooks and what the Rangers might be after, if they were so inclined to make a deal with the Oilers.  Brooks believes the Rangers are after a highly skilled winger and immediately two names come to mind; Ales Hemsky and Nail Yakupov. Yes, here we go again with the Yakupov rumors.

He would fetch the greatest return for the Oilers, IF they were to ever consider moving him.  The Rangers do have some intriguing options on the blue line in Marc Staal, Ryan McDonagh, Dan Girardi or Michael Del Zotto as Willis mentions.

It’s hard to fathom that Glen Sather would give up either Staal or McDonagh but if Yakupov were to be dangled in front of him, you have to believe it would at least make him stop and think about it.  Again, the Oilers will have to give up a big asset to acquire one that can help on the back end.

Willis does mention Chris Kreider, a strapping left winger who is off to a nice start for the Rangers this season and would add that much needed size up front for Edmonton.  Other names mentioned as possible trade chips that the Oilers might be interested in include Derek Dorsett, Brian Boyle and Benoit Pouliot and while they’d add size to the Oilers forwards, the hole on the blue line would still exist.  Granted one of these players could be thrown in to sweeten the pot like Willis mentions.

In the end, Yakupov would have to be the centerpiece of the deal to bring back any player of merit ie: Staal or McDonagh.  But now the debate will rage on about whether the Oilers should part ways with the young Russian and whether or not they should give up on him this early in his career.  Hemsky would bring back a reasonable return but not to the level the Oilers need.  So perhaps the bigger question becomes how desperate has Craig MacTavish become?

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  • jdude

    trade hemsky for one of their grinders. hemsky would do a lot of damage on ny

    • Centerman

      The guy is 30 and hasn’t broken 42 points since the 08′ season. At $5.0 mil what does that do for the Rangers except make a deadline deal impossible? Not happening unless the Oilers are retaining salary and giving him away.

      • jdude

        That’s exactly what I mean . Retain salary and get a big body 4th
        Liner from

        BasicAlly give
        Him away, but get
        Body (who isn’t a total
        Dud) in return

        • Centerman

          The Rangers don’t have a ton of big guys to spare. They IMO need a big 4th liner as well. At least one that the coach trusts. We have a big kid named Mashinter and he does it all. Scores, fights, throws his weight around but AV plays him 2-6mins a night for some reason. Even though the Rangers are kind of small up front. Don’t the Oilers still have Eager? Edmonton will have to pick up a chunk of Hemsky’s contract to trade him. I don’t know him or Yakapov are the answer. The NYR need a defenseman that can move the puck more than a forward. Maybe we need a kid like Justin Shultz.

          • jdude

            Eager is a good 4th liner on oilers still but their other 4th liners should be in the ahl. I’d like to trade Justin Shultz away for a decent return.
            Something like hemsky + j Shultz and next years first for marc staal would be pretty badass but what do I know
            I bet no trade even gets done, and like you said they might of been watching a ducks player lol. atleast we have something to talk about other than how bad our teams are right now

          • Centerman

            Sorry man. Don’t take this the wrong way and I mean this in the best way possible but speak for yourself. The Rangers had a bad start on the road but are getting it together now. As I type the Rangers are up 4-1 on Pittsburgh. The Oilers just have no defense. Tambellini had a habit of taking the top ranked player instead of filling a need. They took Yakapov when they needed the defenseman that went number 2 to Columbus. Ryan Murray. The only way you take Yakapov their with all those young forwards is to trade him to fill a need. This is why I thought maybe they were finally coming to their senses but they aren’t even ready to contend for the playoffs let alone the cup. So it’s not really worth moving 1st overall picks with a ton of upside. Not now! Maybe they do the right thing at the deadline or this summer and fill out an NHL defense. That’s a move you make when you have a chance at the playoffs if not for a weakness but now the team isn’t committed to pulling the same rope. They’re getting their though. One thing both teams have in common is the change in coach/strategies. The Oilers from an offensive one to a defensive strategy and the opposite for the Rangers with Vancouver’s old coach Alain Vineault. Much better offense for the Rangers.

  • Centerman

    Any deal for Kreider had better start with Taylor Hall. The Oilers are desperate for defense. The Rangers can talk to quite a few teams. 90% of the NHL don’t have 7 top 4 defenseman. Even less teams will be willing or able to part with one. Edmonton has quite a few top 6 forwards and will not be able to keep all of them long term. Tambellini picked Yakapov in a draft full of top flight defenseman. I have 2 questions here. 1- will a change of scenery help Yakapov for the better and help the Rangers? 2- How do we know the Oilers aren’t looking at a Ducks player. Maybe that young goalie. We don’t.