Should the Edmonton Oilers Fire Kevin Lowe?

Over the past couple of days there has been plenty of chatter from Oil Country on whether or not the Edmonton Oilers should fire Kevin Lowe.  Twitter has been the platform where the majority of the debate has taken place and while there are a great degree of fans that want the Oilers President of Hockey Operations canned, there are those that feel he shouldn’t be the one to be held accountable for this poor start.

It’s easy to see both sides in this argument.  Lowe has been responsible for recent hirings and firings, including Steve Tambellini who failed to make a free-agent signing or trade that had an impact on this club.  Tambo is now gone but his blue print is still visible despite rookie GM Craig MacTavish doing all he can to renovate this Oilers club.

But is it Lowe who should take the fall for the Oilers poor start?  The fans are crying for someone to get the ax and you can stroke MacTavish or coach Dallas Eakins off that list, that’s not going to happen.

Both Mac-T and Eakins will get more than a 15-game tryout to turn this ship around and besides, the Oilers coaching door has already been a revolving one and getting rid of Eakins might be enough to scare off every potential coach in the future.

There are the players who need to be held the most accountable for this 3-10-2 start by the Oilers.  There is a lack of hustle, a lack of heart and a whole lot of inconsistency at both end’s of the rink.

So is it fair to fire Lowe, even at a time when making a move could be warranted?  Someone needs to be held liable for his mess that this hockey club is in and the GM and head coach aren’t available.  You can’t fire all the players, as much as we’d like to on some nights out of pure frustration, so that leaves Lowe as the only option when you do a simple process of elimination.

Whether it’s the right move or not is the question, which is where you the reader comes in.  Do you think the Oilers should fire Kevin Lowe or does he get more time to sit in his comfy chair and pretend he’s still the man with his five Stanley Cup rings?  Take part in our daily poll and let’s see what the results are.  I’m looking forward to this one.

Should the Oilers fire Kevin Lowe?

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  • Shawn

    Firing Lowe won’t change much for now other than make some fans happy. If mact isn’t going anywhere then there’s no point.
    There should be an option to fire buchburger and smith. Fire all the assistants! Keep Eakins. Give him a fair chance. I think he’s tough to deal with now, but he seems to be a good coach long-term.
    But, please, can we fire the assistants. They’ve been around for a good majority of the bad years and I’m stating to think they can’t motivate the guys or teach anything new of value .

    • Derek Stykalo

      Shawn that is a great point and one that never crossed my mind. The assistants are left overs from the years we want to forget about. Exactly right! Fire them and let Eakins run this team his way with his guys. Thanks for reading and the comments.

  • Marc Porter

    I personally am pretty tired of the ” Fire Lowe crowd ” . Tambellini was a bad choice but rectified when it had to be , I have to agree with those asking for the assistant coaches to go ave said this from the start of pre season . Smith , Chabot , Buchberger and anyone tied to these guys need to be sanitized . Any new head of hockey operations would be hard pressed to make a difference . The farm team is starting to produce players and it is now starting to show that the Oilers are a team in transition . The true destruction of this team came when 12 owners could not stick to a plan moving forward , that will not be changed over night . Kevin Lowe should get the rest of this season to try and rectify this ship . Next season pull the plug if the results do not improve .

  • Tyler

    Average hockey teams with great management can have success, good teams with poor management end up like the oilers. The poorest ran, mismanaged hockey club in the NHL. People forget that other then one miracle run this has been an average to below average organization for years. Get off the koolaid people, the team isn’t very good and it is as a result of poor management and decision making from the brass. Three lines of the exact same players won’t win you many games in the National League, but I bet you they’d make one hell of a pond hockey team….