Have You Given Up on the Edmonton Oilers?

The month of November wasn’t supposed to start this way. A 5-0 whitewash at the hands of the Detroit Red Wings on Saturday leaves the Edmonton Oilers with a record of 3-10-2 and not to mention they haven’t scored a goal in two straight games and only one in their past three contests.  Yesterday Heather wrote about rock bottom for the Oilers here at Oil on Whyte and it may appear that this fragile group of hockey players have fallen that far.

Sure the injuries are an unforeseen circumstance but this team has been obliterated by them.  Key player after key player continues to fall victim to the injury bug and it’s not necessarily just a game or two; we’re talking weeks at a time on the shelf, while missing pivotal games.

Is it an excuse?  Perhaps it’s part of the reason this team is struggling so bad but then you  hear head coach Dallas Eakins talk about how this team is playing scared.  That they’re scared to lose.  In other words, they’re afraid to make a mistake and playing timid at any level of hockey just doesn’t work.

This team needs a spark.  They need the wounded to recover and stay healthy without losing anybody else to injury.  They also need help on defence and in goal but that’s stating the obvious yet again.

The voice of Jim Mora, former head coach of the Indianapolis Colts rings true right about now.  “Playoffs? You want to talk about playoffs?  We’re just trying to win a game.”  So true Mr. Mora.  Only this time it fits the Edmonton Oilers.

So as the Oilers embark on a 4-game road trip that will see them basking in the Florida sun, we ask you; have you given up on the Edmonton Oilers this season?

It’s only 15 games in and there is a boat load of hockey left.  But quarreling in the basement of the Western Conference yet again has left some fans angry while others just shrug their shoulders and say “it’s expected.”  There are some that keep the faith that this team will turn it around and still make a run for the postseason while others are numb with shock that this roster has performed this bad.

What level are you at?  Have you lost all hope for another season?  Take part in our daily poll and let your voice be heard.

Have you given up on the Oilers?

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  • Cody Anderson

    I think both are to blame. I really don’t get Eakins usage of players, but a team of small SOFT players that don’t put in consistent effort will never win. Some size that can play would help, but compete level is more important than size.
    If we aren’t willing to work hard, and work as a team then the team needs to be totally dismantled and start over.

    • Derek Stykalo

      I’m still waiting for this compete level from the players that Eakins said would show up every shift of every game. The above comment is powerful stuff and reflects how even the die hards might be feeling. As always Cody, thanks for the comments.

  • Oilers4Ever

    I have never, not even once, no matter how bad the game is going, turned off the TV before the last miserable second was gone. But on Saturday I did. I think what finally did it for me was seeing precious little Justin Schultz sitting in the press box scarfing down his popcorn without a care in the world while his team died the ugliest death ever. That image is indelibly etched in my brain and seems to illustrate what’s wrong with this team in a nutshell. Or should I say a popcorn hull.

    • Derek Stykalo

      Well said Oilers4ever, that was very well said.