Oilers 3 Stars From Last Night’s Game

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Despite the score not falling in favor of the Edmonton Oilers last night there were some positives to take away from the game.  Hence the 3 stars from the Oilers club from last night’s game, a regular series we’ll do here at Oil on Whyte after every Oilers game.

The Oilers outshot the Jets last night and if you recall yesterday’s piece about the 5 keys to Oilers success, that was one point that was made.  Defensive blunders and a couple soft goals were the difference but again, there were some moments that transpired during the game that left Oilers’ fans feeling good about the way the club is looking.

***Spoiler Alert***

You won’t find Devan Dubnyk‘s name on this list so if you were hoping to find it, I hate to ruin the surprise for you.

On to the 3 stars from last night’s game.

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  • Cody Anderson

    I like the stars, and while not a Hemsky fan I agree he had a solid game. Hall had some sloppy mistakes that are not like him, and Dubnyk had a weak showing that he should rebound from.
    Overall, while we all want the 2 points I think it was very encouraging to see us outshoot anyone. The play of Joennsuu, Hemsky, Acton, and the rest of the 4th line would far outweigh most of the negatives we saw last night.
    If Belov plays more like he did in his small sample of preseason and Dubnyk rebounds this team will compete every night.

    • Derek Stykalo

      RNH and Gagner can’t return soon enough and when they do this team will most definitely compete every night. For now it’s trying to bridge the gap and focusing on their defensive zone is the top priority. We know they’ll score goals, just can’t have them blunder in their own end.

      As always, thanks for reading and the comments.

  • Cody Anderson

    I still hate the idea of saddling Hall with the extra responsibilities of centre, and then putting him with bottom 9 players. I get that it is one game, but Smtyh can’t keep up on the first shift, let alone if they plan on playing Hall for 26 minutes a night.

    Here are the lines I would like to see, and an explanation as to why I think they make sense.

    Perron – Hall – Yakupov

    Joensuu – Acrobello – Eberle

    Smyth – Gordon – Hemsky

    Gazdig – Acton – Brown

    This puts Hall with elite scorers and makes that a real 1st line. Perron is used to having some defensive reponsibility.

    Joensuu looks like he can keep up with the top 6 and he is willing to muck it up, protect his teammates and go to the net. The tiny duo of Ebs and Acrobello should benefit from the grit he seems to bring.

    This looks like a 3rd line that can shut down other teams and still be a threat to score. Ice time should be more manageable for father time.

    This 4th line looks capable of sending messages, being physical, and annoying the other team. I would like to see at least one upgrade on the line, but the Acton experiment looks good thus far.

    • Derek Stykalo

      I like these line combos Cody and would even go as far as to put Joensuu with Hall and Yakupov. Either way, I hope Eakins mixes things up sooner rather than later and doesn’t pay too much loyalty to Smyth. He’s still one of my all-time favorite Oilers but we need to win and I’m not sure having him on the top line can contribute to that.