Will the Oilers Make the Playoffs This Year?

Yesterday we asked how many games you thought the Edmonton Oilers would win this season and the response leaves doubt that they’ll make the playoffs.  It was a close vote but in the end 43% of the 143 votes thought the Oilers would win between 36 and 40 games.  After that 40% of the voters felt the club would win 41 games or more.  Now the question becomes, will that be enough wins to get this club into the playoffs at the end of this regular season that starts tonight?

Two seasons ago, the last time a full 82-game schedule was played, the Los Angeles Kings were the eighth seed in the Western Conference and they had 40 wins.  The 15 ties vaulted them into the postseason and the rest is history after that as they say.

The Phoenix Coyotes also made the dance that year with 42 regular season wins and aside from losing to the eventual champs, they too had a nice run in the playoffs.  Just get in is the saying in hockey and all Oilers fans will attest to that.

So with the majority of the votes coming in around that 40 win mark and depending on how many ties the Oilers have, the playoffs could be a realistic possibility.

Most of the experts have the Oilers pegged to miss the playoffs yet again this year, citing the lack of depth up the middle and the missing stud on the blue line as the major holes this team needs to fill.  But when was the last time the Stanley Cup was won in October?  When was the last time the playoffs were decided in the first month of the regular season?

That’s why they play the games and for the Oilers, a new season starts tonight with optimism in the air.  Let’s drop the puck and see where the chips fall.

Will the Oilers make the playoffs this year?

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