Daily Poll: Is 8 Games Enough For Zack Kassian?

The NHL ruled against Vancouver Canucks forward Zack Kassian yesterday, hitting the reckless forward with an 8-game suspension for the vicious act that broke Sam Gagner‘s jaw on Saturday night.

Kassian tried to hit Gagner and when he missed, he carelessly swung his stick around, catching the Oilers’ forward in the mouth, knocking several teeth out while breaking his jaw.  The injury resulted in Gagner having to undergo surgery today to repair the break that will include a metal plate being inserted.

As a result of the act, Kassian will sit for the remaining three pre-season games along with the first five regular season games the Canucks will play.  Unfortunately that will include the Canucks home opener on October 5th when the Oilers make their first trip to the west coast.  Only now they have Steve MacIntyre on the team and will surely dress for that particular game.  It’s just too bad that Kassian will have to wait to answer the bell.

Now the debate begins.  Is eight games enough for Kassian?  Gagner will likely miss at least that many regular season games, begging the question if the league should consider “an eye for an eye” theory when it comes to situations like this.

Kassian’s defense on the play was that Gagner moved and he lost control of his stick.  Guilty as charged when hearing that “he lost control” simply because a player must have control of his stick at all times.  Failure to do so will result in a penalty or in this case a suspension.

What are your thoughts on the Kassian suspension?  Is 8-games long enough? Take part in our daily poll and let your voice be heard.

Is an 8-game suspension long enough for Kassian?

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  • Cody Anderson

    I think he deserved 10+ games for that and I don’t think preseason games should count towards a suspension. I think this is far worse than a fighter leaving the bench to protect a star player who is being attacked, and that warranted 10 games.
    You can argue he wasn’t looking so he was not targeting his head. I played hockey my entire life and he very obviously meant to hit with his arm or his sick. Either are illegal, and it resulted in a top 6 player missing 1-2 months of hockey which could very likely make the difference of a team’s playoff contention.

  • Will

    Thank you! There are not enough people who know hockey commenting on this play. He might not have intentionally broke gagner’s jaw, but that was a 100% intentional slash. Kassian missed the check and then swung his stick/arm around to hit gagner to slow him down, as he was about to leave him in the dust and make him look even sillier.
    When your stick comes up because your off balance it doesn’t have the force to shatter someones jaw, generally.