Horcoff, Hemsky and a few thoughts

So I thought I’d make a random post today. It’s raining again unfortunately, I was planning on going for quad ride, but I don’t like rain. So much for that idea. So as I sat down, I thought I’d make a post on various topics.

1-Shawn Horcoff. Horcoff has little to no trade value as MacTavish has found, so MacT let Horcoff’ agent find a dancing partner himself. Not sure what happens now but I’m going to guess he’ll end up empty handed and a compliance buyout will be used on him.

2-Ales Hemsky. There was a rumor that originated from HFboards that a Hemsky to Ottawa for Zack Smith deal was to be made. Hmm. It feels like it was only 2 and a half years ago Hemsky almost got traded for Brayden Schenn. If only. Zack Smith certainly isn’t a Brayden Schenn but he’s a gritty centre with a hint of offense that could become a 3rd line centre that would compete and become a long term useful player for the Oilers. Interesting.

3-Few random thoughts. If Nichushkin falls to 7 in the Draft I suggest Edmonton pick him. The LW depth on Edmonton is not great. It’s Hall, Paajarvi , Petrell then Smyth. There’s a big dropoff after Hall and while Paajarvi showed signs of big improvement, he’s still not considered a top 6 winger. Add Nichushkin and you have a beast to compliment Yakupov and Gagner with his size, speed and skill. Edmonton will then have their top 2 lines covered. Perfect.

Or select Sault-St. Marie defenseman Darnell Nurse, who has top 4 defenseman written all over him, and you get a shutdown defender to compliment Schultz’ offensive abilities. Darnell is big, mean and also provides a good two-way presence. Also, perfect.

How about that Kevin Shattenkirk guy from St.Louis? If I were MacT, I’d at least seek the price tag for Shattenkirk. Shattenkirk would improve the Oilers blueline and as well have an impact on the puck moving maneuverability. This scenario is highly unlikely but hey, it’s worth a shot.

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