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I Promised Mess I Wouldn't Cry

I promised Mess I wouldn’t cry.

Effective at the end of this post, I will be leaving Oil On Whyte as Editor, and will be leaving the Fansided Network in its entirety.

We’ve had a great time together. Then-NHL Director Frank Rekas approached me in July of 2010 to offer me a shot as the editor of Fansided.com’s Oilers page, and I christened it Oil On Whyte. We started at 2 hits a day back in July, 2010.

And man, have we suffered through some tough times. But it’s been a great time, thanks to my staff, my support at Fansided, and you, the reader.

To my staff – without you, there is no beans to the vanilla. You kept me grounded, and your influx of ideas is what kept this place from getting too windy with my game rants an incessant griping about the mismanagement of Linus Omark.

To Fansided – you gave me a chance when I was an independent on Blogger. Your professionalism and courtesy was well appreciated, and you let me write what I wanted to. I appreciate you more than you’ll ever know.

To the readers – your readeship is why I do this. I can’t thank you enough for your time to read my blather.

I’ll be popping around on Twitter for the next little while. You know how to find me.

Please continue to visit and support this page.

Thank you for everything.

Jeff Chapman

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