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FINALLY! Tambellini Fired, MacTavish Named General Manager

What a day.

I’m back on midnights again, and that makes for some interesting updates. I was nearly out this morning when I heard that Kevin Lowe was calling a meeting for later this morning.

I didn’t think that Tambellini was getting the axe. What would make me believe that after every one of this man’s foibles, errors and eccentricities and downright stupid decisions that today would be the day that Steve Tambellini becomes the former General Manager of the Oilers?

Today, it happened.

It’s all over now.  You can hit the reset button.  Press long and hard to help wipe the memory away.  It won’t ever fully go away, but like a Nintendo with a dirty cartridge, press and hold.

Did Kevin Lowe wait until the exact mathematical certainty that the Oilers would fail to qualify for the playoffs?  Who knows.  It’s all over, and Steve Tambellini is nothing but a bad memory over a few cups of coffee.  A really bad memory, over a lot of cups of coffee.


You’re right, it’s not a bold, new, or innovative signing.  When MacTavish was introduced earlier this year, everybody kind of looked at each other and nodded, knowing that this year was likely Tambellini’s last chance.  If Tambellini didn’t deliver us to the land of the playoffs, he’d likely be gone.  He didn’t, and here we are.

Could the Oilers have found a better candidate?  Maybe.  To be honest with you, they could’ve hired a dustbuster to GM the team, and I’d already be talking about what an improvement it is for the club.


Oh, there was a press conference.  In typical Oilers fashion, much was made about this press conference.  Here are some things I took from this press conference.

  • Kevin Lowe isn’t good on the mic.  At all.  The club should limit his microphone outbursts to four words or less, and run them through an eight minute filter before deciding on when they should air these comments.  Comments like “We have two types of fans: we have paying customers and we have people that watch the game that we still care about…” when responding to a question from John MacKinnon  isn’t going to win you many fans, Shad Khan.
  • Contrarily, MacTavish is pretty good on the mic.  Here are a few tidbits:

We have to add competitiveness. I think we lack a true understanding of just how difficult it is to have success at this level.


I’m an impatient guy and I bring that impatience to this situation

Do continue.

It makes very little difference what I say today…What really truly matter is what we do tomorrow as an organization to get better”

Indeed.  What you say is great.  Let’s win some games.

  • Scott Howson was brought in (again) a month or so ago to ‘do some scouting’.  Surprising no one, Howson was promoted to Senior VP of Hockey Operations.  I mean, it’s not GM, but it is Senior VP of Hockey Operations.
  • There’s not much more to be said until MacTavish gets his hands in the soil.  I am very, very, very happy that Steve Tambellini is gone.  My only wish is that Kevin Lowe lets MacTavish do his job.  Let’s get through this season, let’s have a productive offseason that isn’t riddled with incompetence, and let’s get to the playoffs in 2014.  You, me, and the Oilers.  See that sunrise? Let’s be there next year.

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