Hemsky will be out for at least a week with a lingering foot injury. Mandatory Credit: Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Lingering Foot Injury Sidelines Ales Hemsky For At Least A Week

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The Oilers report that Ales Hemsky (9-11-20) is going to be out of the lineup for at least a week to help heal his nagging foot injury.  Coach Krueger says that Hemsky blocked a shot from Detroit’s Jakub Kindl on the nine game road trip, and wasn’t the same since.

That was back on the seventh of March, over amonth ago.  Since then, it’s been well documented that Hemsky’s foot hasn’t been quite right, but Hemsky has been in the lineup more than not.

The timing of Hemsky’s decision to withdraw from the lineup is interesting, as the Oilers are now all but mathematically eliminated from the playoffs.  You think he wanted to win?  I’d bet a couple nickels on it.

When Ales Hemsky is gone from the Oilers, not enough good will be written about his character.  But hey, he did almost get butt-dialed out of town.  There’s that.

Hemsky appeared in uniform for the team photo yesterday, but did not practice

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