Ryan Whitney trade talk just went up a notch. Mandatory Credit: Jason O. Watson-USA TODAY Sports

Is Ryan Whitney On The Move To Boston?


Not too surprised to see reports of Ryan Whitney on the move. Maybe a little surprised there’s talk of it happening right now and not next week.

Ryan Whitney is very likely to be dealt, there’s no question there.  His expiring contract makes him appetizing to a team like Boston, who is planning a deep run into the playoffs.


I’d guess a pick or a prospect.  Any team that’s interested in Ryan Whitney is a playoff team that’s banking on making a deep run.  Unless something else is getting traded along with Ryan Whitney, the recipient team isn’t likely going to trade a piece of the ‘go for it’ puzzle.

The Oilers are at 49 contracts at this moment, and trading Whitney for a pick (or prospect without an NHL contract) would knock them down to 48.

Would blow my mind if Ryan Whitney was traded straight up for an NHL player, even given the relative premium on NHL defence this year.


UPDATE: Bruin Defenceman Torey Krug was just called up 15 minutes ago.

UPDATE 2: 9:30 MST – The Iginla trade is held up until at least tomorrow, and Torey Krug played in Boston’s 6-5 OTL to the Habs.

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