Operation: Get Perry

Ryan Getzlaf just re-signed for 8yrs at $66 million, thus making him the Anaheim Ducks franchise player. With Corey Perry & Bobby Ryan needing to be re-signed one of them (hopefully) has to go. Ryan still has a year left on his deal, so I hope he’s safe because the guy that the Oilers desperately need is an upcoming UFA, former 50 goal scorer & league MVP, 27yr old, Corey Perry. Perry is a 0.81PPG player over 8 seasons who plays all the tough minutes, goes to the net hard with finish & has that sandpaper quality that doesn’t come along very often. If this isn’t the guy every team in the league wants, I don’t know who is.

Now, in order to get Perry here & long term a few things must happen. The first being Perry agreeing to a sign & trade deal to Edmonton. Knowing that he will be a part of a rebuild but getting to play with a bunch of young guns should be enticing as he will become an automatic leader here, as he was in Anaheim. Being an upcoming UFA & thus commanding more money so its not unrealistic to think Perry is a $7.5-8 million dollar player with a 8yr term seeming reasonable with tweaks to the new CBA. So lets say Perry says, sure, what the hell, I’ll play for the Oilers & help rebuild them to a contender like I did with Anaheim…but who are you trading me for??

Jordan Eberle

Eberle had an amazing breakout year in his 2nd year with 36g & 76pts with a shooting percentage that many claim is unsustainable. This is only his 3rd season & although his numbers have dipped slightly, he’s maintained a 0.8PPG average thus far. Trading Eberle for Perry works well for both teams in this deal because even though the Ducks lose a high end player they gain one back for the next 6yrs & Eberle shouldn’t have a problem scoring playing shotgun with Ryan Getzlaf. The Oilers gain just the guy they’re looking for & more in Perry who does everything you could ask from a player.

The Oilers need this deal & a lot more but Perry for Eberle is an upgrade for them while giving an explosive player in return to the Ducks who would otherwise lose him for nothing. History has showed us that Edmonton isn’t the highest on the majority of UFA’s lists of places to play as the Oilers have had to rely heavily upon draft & trades It’s time the Oilers management become pro-active & not re-active as this season looks to be slipping further away from playoff hopes. That time needs to start now for this team. Part of the rebuilding process has to include some quality veteran leadership to go along with all the young talent thats been drafted. It’s how good teams become great.

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