I award you no points, and may God have mercy upon your soul. Photo courtesy Universal Pictures.

Kings' Late Goal Awards Oilers No Points, And May God Have Mercy Upon Our Souls

Team leaped out of the gate to start the first period.  A fast-paced first with no goals led to a sludgy second with one goal, and the third period looked like the Oilers were playing for overtime.  Los Angeles scored with less than one minute remaining in regulation.  The Kings would add an empty net goal to finish, and were able to skate away a 3-1 victory and two points.

  • What’s the big problem?  Well, goals.  The Oilers had just one on 24 shots.  You might have thought the Oilers solved their goal drought when they had six goals on Saturday versus Colorado, but scoring goals with regularity is still an issue.
  • Teemu Hartikainen has the strength of fourteen elk and thirty six moose while behind the net. Watching him battle for pucks behind the opposition’s net really is something.  If they can somehow end up in the net, that’d be even better.  Next time he’s behind the net, just watch.  Guy runs a gym back there.
  • Khabibulin had a pretty good night, turning aside 35 of 37 shots.  I probably would’ve pushed the ‘dive’ button when this happened, but Khabibulin wasn’t the proximate cause as to why the Oilers lost this game.  Actually, Khabibulin has been better than I expected.  I did set the bar pretty low, but if Edmonton scored two or more goals, we’d probably be talking about what a spectacular job he did.
  • When the Kings play Edmonton again, can we have more of the Ales Hemsky on Keaton Ellerby matchup please?  Hemsky blew by Ellerby as the game began, crashing the net.  He did it again not long after.  I’m asking for more Ellerby on the ice when Hemsky plays.
  • This is a hearbreaker. Trevor Lewis fires what seems like a harmless shot, only to be tipped by Jeff Carter behind Khabibulin with just fifty seconds in regulation.  It was Los Angeles’ 36th shot of the game, and luck ran out with less than a minute left.  It’s a super frustrating way to go out, but if the Oilers had a pair of goals, it might not have ended the way it did.
  • It looks like Nail Yakupov finally figured out where the Octane girls dance during commercial breaks.

Photo courtesy TSN

  • GET IT TOGETHER NOW:  Oilers allowed 37 shots and had just 24.  Oilers got serviceable goaltending from Khabibulin, but weren’t able to score more than the single goal Sam Gagner had during the second period right after a two-man advantage ended.

The Oilers face off against the Minnesota Wild on Thursday night in the penultimate game of their current homestand.

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