What Fuels Oilers Optimism These Days?

There are times in all of our lives where we contribute excitement to adrenaline, caught up in the moment, alcohol  & maybe drugs but after the last Oilers win, a dramatic 6-4 come from behind win vs the Colorado Avalanche. I’m accrediting that dramatic win to a karaoke song that I nailed, Sweet Caroline in between the 2nd & 3rd period, which is all you need to know about how alcohol played a factor in that win. Now, far be it from me, being a junior writer with more flaws than Ryan Whitney’s skating ability, to judge the most famous (or infamous, depending on your opinion) Oilers blogger on the planet, Richard Cloutier from the most definitely, mostly infamously known, Hockeybuzz.com.

I’m not much of a rumors guy, so I tend to stay away from the rumorish stuff that this particular website has to offer, however, Clouts being an Alberta boy & all I have no problem reading his articles. He’s mostly funny & witty at times even if the articles themselves are awayyys out there. This latest one by Clouts is the perfect example of this. Now, I’ve gone on record to predict the Oilers to finish, battling for a playoff spot with an end result being 10th in the Western Conference. Given the placement of this team the past 3 years, I think this is plausible. Richard however, seems to think after a massive 6-4 come from behind win vs the Avalanche, where the Oilers trailed 4-1 over halfway into the contest that the Oilers are suddenly Stanley Cup favorites. Huh/ For real? I mean, seriously…it’s the Avalanche!!

What really got me wondering is why it’s suddenly Ryan Smyth that will be ready for battle come playoffs when it wasn’t just last week Clouts & I had a brief twitter conversation discussing Smyth’s play. Many of you remember the road trip last weekend where Smyth racked up an alarming 18mins in penalties during a game vs Detroit & Columbus. Clouts pretty much threw Smyth under the bus as being finished, done, terrible & I replied it to being simply a frustrated veteran. Others in the hockey world were quick to jump on the Smyth Sucks bandwagon as well that week when former Flames plug & current analyst  Rhett Warrener went as far as to say “Smyth is a joke”. That comment was even more comical, given where it came from.

None of us should be surprised though. Richard has always been a diehard Oilers fan who, like most Oilers fans ride the Roller Coaster of Optimism from game to game. I’m just surprised that he’d come out, so quickly & plan a parade route, 14 games into a season where the Oilers have been more awful then good, but hey, I’m a glass half full kinda guy & speaking of glasses half full, my mimosa needs a re-fill. Enjoy the game tonight Oilers fans & fear not if the Oilers are down after 2 periods, I will sing Sweet Caroline because, it worked last time & maybe Yakupov can find some magic as he did the last time these 2 teams met

Buh, Bah Byye!


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