Derek Morris Cheap Shots Ryan Whitney After Nail Yakupov Scores OT Goal

The Oilers defeated the Phoenix Coyotes tonight on an overtime goal from Nail Yakupov.  I’ll have the uptight brigade know that he didn’t go skiing across centre ice after he scored the goal, which looked somewhat similar to the goal he scored against the LA Kings.

Then, this happened.

Here’s what I see:

  • Yakupov scores OT game winner
  • Ryan Whitney chirps Derek Morris
  • Morris comes over and starts punching Ryan Whitney.

What the hell?

If Ryan Whitney isn’t standing in front of Nail Yakupov, does Morris start punching Yakupov?

I don’t know how you defend a guy who repeatedly punched a guy ten seconds after the game winning goal is scored, yet the Coyotes broadcast tandem tried to offer the explanation that Derek Morris “is old school”.  Being “old school” must entitle you to such benefits as ramming your fist at a defender’s head after the game is over.

It’s a bonehead move by Morris that should be reviewed for supplemental discipline.

I understand why Derek Morris is upset.  But you lost.  Don’t be a knucklehead.

Skate off the ice like a pro.

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  • Jason Kirk

    I was watching this one. No excuse for it. I actually said out loud, “He’ll get suspended for that.”

    • Jeff Chapman

      Agree 200%. Just a moronic move.

  • bob fisher

    This should be a suspension, clear cheap shot after the goal. A cowards move, kinda reminded me of lucic in the 2011 stanley cup finals

    • Jeff Chapman

      Hi Bob. Agree, if this doesn’t warrant supplemental discipline, I don’t know how it wouldn’t.