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Oilers Waive Yann Danis, Khabibulin Ready For Action?


Goaltender Yann Danis is headed back to the Oklahoma City Barons, which means that Nikolai Khabibulin is ready to be inserted on the bench as the backup to Devan Dubnyk.

Khabibulin has been on injured reserve since the season began.

I’m a little bit worried about all of this.

We haven’t seen too much of Yann Danis, really.  We’ve seen Yann Danis once this season, and that was last Tuesday’s relief effort in the Sharks game.

I think I’d rather the team waive Khabibulin and keep Danis.  I doubt the team would do that, because it wouldn’t look good on Steve Tambellini if a near $4M cap hit ended up on the farm team.  So,  Yann Danis gets the demotion.  I don’t like it.


It’s not an exact science, but 54 points is a pretty good number to have at the end of April.  54 points likely puts the Oilers in the playoffs.  If Dubnyk plays 80% of the team’s games, that’s about 38 or 39 games (Can he play 90%?).  I’m not sure if they’ll run Dubnyk that much.  I can only hope if this team is serious about making the playoffs, they run him at least that much.

If Dubnyk plays 38 games to Khabibulin’s 10, Dubnyk will have to nail down at least 22 wins (or any combination of 44 points). That’s a tall order, but it will almost be necessary if the Oilers are going to push for a playoff spot. (22-14-2?) That will leave Khabibulin to secure five wins (or any combination of ten points) in ten games.

I’m not sure that’s completely doable.  I’m a little worked up if the Oilers allow 38 shots (like they did last night) when Khabibulin’s in net.

With Danis getting shipped back to OKC, I’d expect Khabibulin to get the start in either Phoenix on Wednesday or San Jose on Thursday.

Let’s hope he’s got some October 2011 running around in him, a month that saw him go 5-0-2 and post a ridiculous .960 SV%.

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