A 76 point NHL player in 2011-12, an AHL player in 2012-13. Thanks, lockout!

Uh-Oh. TSN's Scott Cullen: Jordan Eberle "Overrated"

Jordan Eberle recently clocked in at 25th on TSN’s Top 50 NHL list. Hooray, they said. The Top 50 list is compiled by “a panel of experts” according to TSN. One expert thought that Eberle at 25 might be a tad high.


Scott Cullen, please note how empty your inbox is right now.

It’ll get quite full once Oiler fans get a hold of this.

It’s easy to get swept up in the awesome that was Jordan Eberle’s 2011-12 NHL season. The guy was a monster, scoring 76 points (32-44-76) in 78 games. That’s nearly a point per game, which is quite the mark to attain in the NHL.

Before everyone attacks Scott Cullen, he thinks Jordan Eberle is a pretty good player (as does everyone). Cullen cites Eberle’s high shooting percentage (18.9%, a little less than one goal per five shots) as a reason that he thinks Eberle might not be the 25th best player in the NHL right now.

Do you think Jordan Eberle is the 25th best player in the NHL right now? Is Jordan Eberle overrated? Is he underrated?

Taylor Hall was ranked #50.  Is he underrated?

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