Feb 10, 2012; Buffalo, NY, USA; Buffalo Sabres defenseman Robyn Regehr (24) looks to pass the puck against the Dallas Stars at the First Niagara Center. Mandatory Credit: Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

The Oilers and the Sabres, Likely Trade Partners?

It has been talked about for months now that the Oilers are in the market for another defenseman. Bob Stauffer mentioned a “WOW” move on his Oilers Now radio show, and ever since then the rumor mill has been churning.

More recently Mr. Stauffer has said the likely hood of said “Wow” move is doubtfull. However I believe the team is still in the market for a d-man, just not the top 4 type we would attach the word wow too.  I think it most probable that the team is in the market for a 5/7 type veteran guy that will bolster the young defensive core. This is not news to anyone, but today I’ll look at probable trade partners for the Oilers and what these teams may have to offer. Please note that these are just my thoughts, not any official rumors and I have zero, zilch, no sources what so ever, unless of course you account for the guys I sit next to at the pub.

This year I think the chances of inter-conference teams trading amongst each other is low, due to the fact that only playing within the conference this year, teams won’t want to trade with the competition.

It seems that the Buffalo Sabres needs and the Oilers needs would be a match made in trade heaven. The Oilers have a couple of young forwards and a few veteran guys that seem ripe for the trade market.

The Sabres have a plethora of D and are a little short on the wing which would make for a decent trade partner when you look at what each team may be on the market for. I think Buffalo may be willing to move a solid veteran D-man for say a young winger with some potential. Let’s say that GM Tambelleni could pry one of Andrej Sekera, Jordan Leopold or Robyn Regehr from them. Of course each player would involve a different return from the Oil.

Of the three defenseman mentioned I believe if the two teams were to consummate a deal, that Andrej Sekera would be the mostly player coming to the Oilers. Sekera, drafted in the third round of the 2004 draft, is a plus player over his career he can also hit and block shots.  The vet would fit in nicely on the third pairing alongside rookie Justin Schultz, he would also have the ability to move up and down the depth chart as Coach Kreuger sees fit. Andrej currently has 3 years left on a deal that pays him $2.75 mill annually.

Robyn Regehr is an intriguing piece of trade bait for the Oilers as well.  Regehr, best known to Oilers fans for the constant punishment doled out to Ales Hemsky during his tenure with the lowly Calgary Flames, is on the last year of his deal which pays him $4.02 million. He, like Sekera, would be able to move up and down the depth chart, kill penalties and be a solid stay at home guy, someone that would be able to cover for Justin Schultz, when he decides to go on the offensive.

As for what the Oilers would be willing to give up, well like I said earlier there are some veterans that they would be more than happy to ship out, or at least myself and the fans wouldn’t mind to see go. Eric Belanger, Ben Eager, Darcy Hordichuk and of course team captain Shawn Horcoff, neither of these guys would be enough on their own to bring in one of the 3 d-man and may have to be offered with a draft pick or prospect.

The young prospects that the Oilers may be willing to move isn’t very large but there may be a few guys in there that would draw interest from other teams including the sabres. Tops on that list is, Magnus Paajarvi, who will be RFA when the season is out. Prospects Anton Lander, Chris VandeVelde, and Toni Rajala might also be moved for the right price.

Either way the Oilers will be looking this year and whether it is the Sabres or another team, I think that within the next few weeks the Oilers are going to be making at least one move to bolster the defense.

Who do you think the Oilers should go after?  Comment Below.


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  • Jeff Chapman

    Buffalo has been overvaluing tough guys since Ryan Miller got rocked by Lucic last year. Might be a reason to offer up Eager and see where it leads.

  • Dan Bessette

    I could see Omark and Eager being packaged together.

  • Dan Bessette

    However, Omark’s value would increase this summer, as Detroit, whom have been scouting him in Europe, will be joining the Eastern conference.

    • thefullnelson

      I really think if we could get a 7th round pick and a cheeseburger wrapper we would already have traded Omark – granted he could bring value to another franchise, but you’ve gotta think if anyone was interested he would have been moved months ago…

  • Timothy Redinger

    Sekera and Leopold are good trade bait…if I were a GM knowing what Buffalo needs….floating one of those names by Darcy is a good idea…another good d man that is expendable from our blue line and would be a value to a young team is Mike Weber.

  • http://twitter.com/jackinthebuf Jack Walters

    I think you’re under valuing Sekera by pinning him as a third-pair guy. I think he is a Top 4 defenseman. He’s mobile and can move the puck, but he doesn’t get enough credit for his play in his own end. Very solid and a GREAT bargain at less than $3 million…

    After all the hooplah around Robyn Regehr, I don’t see the Sabres moving him. IIRC it took personal visits from Pegula and Co to even get him to waive his NTC to come to Buffalo. A big part of that was making sure his family would like the area and be safe here. I don’t see him uprooting his family this soon (although he may have to regardless once he hits UFA), and I certainly can’t see Pegula telling him to hit the road out of respect for the veteran blue-liner.

    Jordan Leopold? Now there’s an idea…

    As for the Oilers? A team I don’t get to see much, so I’m not entirely sure of how the fans, coaches and GM value each player. But off the top of my head after reading these comments: SHAWN HORCOFF. He’s the one I want.

    I’m not gonna diagram a specific proposal here, but with the framework pieces laid out, I think a deal could certainly be made around Leopold and Horcoff. I think Edmonton would ask for more — Horcoff is their captain, after all. So maybe Darcy offers up Sekera, or throws in a pick or young forward — who knows?

    • Greg

      OIlers need us more, they would have to give us something worthy, i like Magnus Paajarvi plus Darcy could swing that Sekera for Paajarvi, i mean he got a 1st round pick for Gaustad!

  • Dave Gordon

    Me personally I’m not that bullish on leopold. He would be able to play PK though but he would be hard pressed to move up the depth chart. The Oilers picked up Fistric from Dallas today so that fills the role Leopold would have taken. We’ll see if there are any more moves, I think the Oilers may still be on the lookout for a top 4 guy, just a little further along in to the season.

    And Thank you all for your comments. I enjoy reading others views, kind of why I got in to this was to spur on conversation and debate!

  • http://twitter.com/THEbucktastic Brock Buffum

    *Sabres fan here* After what Sabres owner Terry Pegula went through to trade FOR Regehr, there’s no way that they would move him regardless of the practicality of it. Sekera or Mike Weber seem to be more likely options, Sekera gives you more offensive upside and Weber gives you more physicality. Tho with the recent addition of Weber’s close friend Steve Ott, I would hazard a guess that family-and-friends-friendly-owners Pegula wouldn’t rock that boat.

    • Jeff Chapman

      They traded Paul Byron and Chris Butler to get Regehr. Sounds like a sweetheart deal for Buffalo, no?

  • Jeff Chapman

    Somebody is going to have to move, else they’re going to get snatched off the wire for nothing in return. Sabres have 9 defencemen up right now. They lost Joe Finley to the Islanders on the waiver wire early today.

    That’s Joe Finley, who at age 25 has 5 career NHL games.