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Oil On Whyte's Weekend Link Extravaganza

The World Junior Championships are here.  And that’s good.  It helps keep my mind off the you-know-what that’s sitting at day 104.

Tend The Farm : Chris VandeVelde gets Three Game Suspension – VandeVelde got a three game suspension for his hit to the head of Texas Stars forward Tomas Vincour on December 27th.  No penalty was called on the play, but a three-game suspension could easily have turned into more.

Copper and Blue (Derek Zona) : Five Teams That Benefit The Most From The Lockout –   Missing a season isn’t much fun for you and I, but it’s a golden goose for Oilers GM Steve Tambellini and a handful of other clubs.

MC79Hockey : Drop Dead Date – Tyler examines why a 48 game season would work in this year’s NHL.  A 28 game season would also work nearly as well. (Dan Rosen) : League Offers Comprehensive CBA Proposal to Union – Remember the hill we (the league) will die on?  Yeah, not so much.  New changes in the latest offer?  A move from five year max deals to six, and flexibility in the salary variance of a contract.  Also included is a one buyout per team option.  The season has to get underway no later than January 19th for this deal to take effect.  These deals keep getting better and better, it’s no wonder the NHLPA waits after each offer.

Puck Daddy (Sean Leahy) :  NHL proposes new Draft Lottery; top pick open to ‘all non-playoff’ teams – In the league’s latest proposal to the NHLPA, all non-playoff teams would have a shot at the number one pick.  I’d like to make a one-liner here, but when your team has picked first overall each of the last three seasons, it’s tough to see this as an advantage.

Enjoy the WJC tournament for now.  Check us out on Twitter tomorrow for irreverent commentary when Canada plays the USA at 2:30 AM (4:30 Eastern).

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