A "Wow" Move? Don't Believe The Hype

There’s a rumour going around that some actual meetings are going down between the owners and players. Another rumour is that things of substance are actually getting discussed. This comes as a welcome change.

It’s been a week or so since Bob Stauffer had made mention of a possible “Wow” move for Edmonton coming out of the lockout.  I’m not an expert of “Wow” moves, but a “Wow” move would lead me to believe that something spectacular would come back.

Maybe a great defenceman.  Maybe that whole something-for-P.K. Subban-thing on the Internet may have some wings.  I don’t think it does, but let’s just dream for a minute of two.


Yeah, I’m not buying it.


Don’t get me wrong, I don’t doubt that Tambellini and Co. have a couple of cards up their sleeves.  Maybe they’ll make a move to get another defenceman.  Kevin Lowe spoke to Stauffer a few days ago and eluded that the Oilers may have to “….move some players”.

So, absolutely, we’re at some point, whenever that is, we’re probably not too far down the road, we’re going to have to make some touch choices and maybe move some players, or a player, draft picks, to get a piece or two that finishes off the formation of what you feel is a championship team.

-Kevin Lowe to Bob Stauffer, taken from the Edmonton Journal (David Staples) 01 November 2012

Lowe goes on to explain that the Oilers need to get to the playoffs first.  A novel idea, Kevin.

If you’re going to get a “wow” player,  you’re going to have to give up “wow” assets.  There’s no middle ground.  No one in Montreal is going to take Ales Hemsky and a second round pick for PK Subban, and if they did, you can get them on the phone for me.  I’ll work on my accent.  I like Ales Hemsky a lot lot, but his trade value is about one notch above Magnus Paajarvi’s right now.  (Straight up, what do you think Paajarvi would fetch today?  A fringe player and a late round pick?  The potential is there, it’s just that Paajarvi’s stock isn’t high now).

You’re going to have to start with one of the big four.  93, 4, 14, or 64.  I’m not going to sit here and argue which one is the best choice to dangle out there, but I will argue that you’re going to need a major player in order to bring back a major player.  No one is going to take Ales Hemsky, Colten Teubert and a first rounder for a difference maker.  It’s simply not going to happen.

I don’t have any doubts that the Oilers may covet the services of a one P.K. Subban.  I use Subban in this instance because we’ve heard his name over the past week.  It could be anybody.  Anybody on defence, or in goal, that is.

What I doubt is that Oilers brass has the chutzpah to move one of their star players that they’ve dangled in front of fans for the past couple of years with the promise of “the rebuild” and “hope”.  Imagine the blood that would flow through the city streets if the Oilers traded a guy like Eberle for magic beans.

The damage would be the irreparable kind.  I mean, fans are used to garbage by now, but trading Eberle would be about a notch and a half away from trading Gretzky.  That went over well.

Prove me wrong, Oilers.  Making a wow move?  Swing for the fences.  The team is blessed with offence.  Trade talent for talent, don’t look back, and don’t apologize for it.  Show everybody what it’s like to win.

I almost laughed out loud during that last sentence.

I don’t think management has it in them to make a ‘wow’ move.  After the last six years, why would I?  The time is now?

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