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Are the players in Europe really Scabs?

The issue of NHL players going over to Europe “stealing” other player’s jobs has been widely discussed amongst the interwebs and in MSM. But are they really stealing jobs, or scabs as some have called them?

I’ve been talking about this with friends and co-workers for a while and there are some pretty mixed opinions on this topic, here is mine.

I don’t think NHL’ers going overseas or to other leagues in North America are stealing jobs, listen hockey is a competitive sport were players compete to keep their jobs every day. A friend of mine coaches a midget AA team in Northern Alberta, he used to coach a triple A team but it folded and some of the players on that team moved south to continue to play with AAA clubs. I’m sure they pushed other kids out of the system to win their jobs. I know it is minor hockey, but this is how all players of any competitive sport are brought up. If you are not good enough to win a spot on the roster you just have to move on, practice harder and do what you can to win that spot back.

There is no difference with the locked out players, while I don’t necessarily agree with them over there, I have no problem with them taking spots from others if they are the better option for icing a winning team.

There are approximately 150 NHL’ers overseas playing right now, I wish they would have just stayed home because it definitely doesn’t add strength to the NHLPA’s bargaining position. But calling them scabs is a bit harsh. The definition of a Scab “A scab is a union term generally applied to a worker who refuses to join coworkers in a strike. Sometimes applied to members of a non-striking union who pass through a striking union’s picket line or someone who refuses to join a union. Scab may refer to someone who works (or provides workers) during a strike”. The key to be read from that definition is the word strike, the players are not on strike, they are locked out by the NHL. Therefore they can’t be scabs.

Other Stuff and Things……

I am getting sick of the NHL Players complaining on twitter, Mathieu Darche got in to it last night with a few fans, Biznasty has been complaining and shooting back at fans with harsh views of the player’s position. Just shut up already. I get that they want what is fair and I believe the owners should honor contracts that they have signed, but complaining that they get paid what is fair, come on. Seriously these guys get paid ridiculous amounts of money even if they were to take less money the amount they make would still be more than enough.
Thanks to all who read my last article, I apologize for all the spelling errors and grammatical mistakes. Those probably won’t all go away, but I will do my best to minimize them. My friends take great joy in pointing out my mistakes, so I am going to try and ensure they stay miserable by being literarily perfect (Fat Chance).

One more Update…


Taylor Hall is officially off the IR, where do you think he will play? OKC or Europe? To play in OKC he will have to sign a separate contract from his NHL deal as he wasn’t/couldn’t be sent down during the window because of injury.


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