Enough Is Enough, Drop The Puck Already!

If the owners lockout the season, the players WILL lose 1.65billion of a 50-50split based on last years revenues. Basing projected revenue increases at 5% shows nothing more than arrogance on the PAs part since they’re ASSUMING all these fans will come back. So what are the projected revenues if the US fan base doesn’t come back?  The most important fans aren’t located in Canada but the markets where hockey isn’t as relevant.  This leads to the following questions, would the PA rather lose it (1.6billion) now or lose it later?

The part I’m sick of the most is how Fehr continues to beg the question, “what are the owners willing to give up?” when, for the last 7yrs it was the owners who had given up plenty more than the any other NA sports league EVER would. Yes, we all know that it was an “owners lockout” that lost a full season in 2005, yes, some owners are still spending to the limits now, but why shouldn’t they? With yearly increases to HRR, the ole cliche rings true, the more you $$ you make, the more $$ you spend & it’s been the NHLPA that they’ve spent it on!!

Imagine, for a second, where the NHL would be, right now, had the owners NOT got their salary cap + their 43% share in 2005?? The NHL would be the economic laughing stock of ANY pro league, anywhere!  The owners got their 43% share 7yrs ago to get here & they shouldn’t have to wait another 7yrs to get to 50%. Every other player, in pro-sport, that play for teams in far more lucrative revenue generators then this league only get 50% each year, can someone tell me what makes a hockey player think he can get more??  Drop the puck already!!

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