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No Progress Today, So Take A Look At OKC's New Threads Instead

The NHLPA sat down to talk about the ongoing lockout with the NHL today.  Surely, both sides are at their breaking point.  I mean, there had to be some progress today, right?

Here’s an update.  Absolutely nothing positive comes from today’s meetings between the NHL and NHLPA, (What are they talking about in there?  Doughtnuts?) so let’s take ten seconds and talk about Oklahoma City’s impressive looking new third sweater.

As you can see from this brilliant picture supplied from the OKC Barons’ official team shop, it adopts the familiar colour scheme that belongs to Edmonton’s classic home kits.

The design was unveiled at the Cox Convention Center in OKC during last night’s open house festivities, where fans were also able to meet and greet the players.

The new addition to Oklahoma City’s uniform can be purchased online at the OKC Barons’ official web site by clicking here for $120 USD.  At the time, it doesn’t appear that lettering or numbering is yet offered for the new thirds.

Here is a clip of the event, courtesy of the Barons

Oh, they’re snazzy, I’ll admit.  Almost as snazzy as  these beauties.

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