Taylor Fedun is back in action tonight. Mandatory Credit: Marilyn Indahl-US PRESSWIRE

Silver Linings

A collection of (sort of) good news for your Friday to help you kick off your holiday weekend.


Taylor Hall is kind of a big deal.  And, when Taylor Hall was ruled ineligible to play in the AHL because of his shoulder injury in September, it kind of clamped the idea of having an electrifying line in OKC consisting of 4-93-14, or whatever God-forsaken number the Nuge is wearing in OKC.

The AHL has enacted a clause that will allow all players on two-way contracts to be sent down to the AHL during the lockout.  This includes Taylor Hall when his shoulder gets 100%.  If (ahem) the NHL comes together this season, his AHL deal will be voided, and he’ll be on line number one in Edmonton.   Silver lining.


After a year of rehab, defenceman Taylor Fedun is back in action starting tonight with the OKC Barons.  The Barons will be taking on the Houston Aeros at the Cox Convention Center in OKC.  If you’re in or around, go.


If you’re in OKC, you have several good reasons to get out and see the Barons.  One of those reasons is that tonight and tomorrow’s games are FREE if you bring in a donation to help support OKC’s @InfantCrisis – a nonprofit providing formula, food, diapers and clothing to needy babies and toddlers.  Bring in a donation of $10, or some diapers, or sippy cups.  You’ll help a great cause, and get to see some hockey.  Feel good two ways.

Silver linings.  Go Barons.

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