The Oilers Family Needs A Voice Of Reason

I think we’ve all said or done things that we’ve regretted in life. So many times as an immature self-spoiled kid, I remember threatening to pack-up & run away multiple times when my parents didn’t give me what I wanted, up to the age of 14. The ironic part about that is I was quite poor growing up, living on a farm we had a tight budget but lived comfortably. Of course, I balked at leaving every time, bag in hand. Dad would laugh at me & say things like “Boy, you got it to good here, besides, where would you have gone & have the things you have here?”

Valid point.

Meanwhile, mom was scared to death, “Boy, what are you thinking? Don’t you ever do this to me again, if you left my heart would break!”

Another, valid point.

So many times in life things happen in society that we look at & say, “yeah, I’ve been there before” & this Edmonton arena saga is one of those times, for me anyway. Looking back, I realized how good things really were for me, I got all the essentials that I ever needed on the farm & since have utilized the “Farmboy” persona quite well by working for everything I’ve ever had, have & soon want. But, also in that process of being a rebellious teenager, my parents, to some degree, lost trust in me. This is what is happening to the Katz Group, Edmonton City Council & we, the fans.

Leveraging the idea of relocating the Oilers on the simple basis of the City of Edmonton not committing to paying for the arena itself, in full is nearly the same as if I would have held my parents hostage, demanding free items or I`d leave & move in with a relative who I`d tell my folks, would give me everything I ever wanted. Dad`s response would be simple, “fine then, leave, but remember, you won’t be treated the same as you are here!” Meanwhile, mom would be angry & sad in the same breath yelling at dad, “don’t you talk to your son this way, maybe there’s something we can do to keep him happy?”, followed by a heartfelt “son, don’t leave, I love you.”

I can totally relate to this fiasco, 100% & if you haven’t figured out the characters in this synopsis by now, here goes . My Dad (Edmonton City Council) who to this point has worked with me (Katz), giving me everything I wanted along the way, but now, 14yrs later, has put up with enough of my threats to leave, that he finally called my bluff & I broke like a weak pane of glass by the way. Meanwhile, my mom (the fan/taxpayer), the backbone that may not have always supported us both in every situation, but always knew there was a deal to be made to keep us both happy, as a voice of reason, letting herself be heard, even if no one was listening.

Now, I’m no longer that spoiled brat,  but the “non-tax paying mom” in this ordeal & I don’t know who to believe let alone trust anymore. By the  this time this deal gets done or doesn’t, the Oilers will have broken my trust. The only way I’m certain now to gain it back is to come to terms to a deal that’s fair for the city & the team by building a new arena. Until then, I will continue to wait, for something positive to happen on the arena front while wondering what will happen 1st, an arena deal or a new CBA

Hey mom, is it too late to say I’m sorry?

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