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Dreger On Embellishment: Kesler Has Been Identified As "Known Offender"

Everything from posting pictures of each culprit in every NHL dressing room to re-instituting a fine system, or simply tacking on an additional two-minute penalty to offset the original call is being discussed by hockey operations and will at some point be presented to all NHL general managers for further discussion.

-TSN’s Darren Dreger (19 SEP 2012)

“Posting pictures of each culprit in every NHL dressing room” is a pretty funny (and I’d like to believe highly unlikely scenario).

It appears the NHL is actively trying to cut down on embellishing, and apparently when they’re not trying to work out a new labour agreement with the NHLPA, they’ve had a meeting or two about the ongoing problem of diving within the league.

Haven’t seen any dives?  Oh, there’s been a handful.  Here’s a caseAnd another.  And just because, here’s one more. That Willie Mitchell / Ryan Kesler one is a real beaut.  Speaking of our good buddy Ryan Kesler, Dreger points out that Kesler’s name has already made the list.  So has Chicago pugilist Dan Carcillo, and Penguins star Evgeni Malkin.

How do you fix it?   Start by calling more two minute penalties for diving, or “embellishment”.  Don’t call it ‘unsportsmanlike conduct’.  And while I’m king of the universe, the “offsetting penalty” doesn’t appear to serve a good enough purpose.  If someone gets nailed for a hooking call, you shouldn’t turn around and call embellishment on the other guy.  Would a fine system work?  Maybe.  Not sure how it would work, but would a $2,500 fine after the third embellishment call in a season be a good place to start?

Getting diving out of the game is good business for everyone.

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