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Choose Your Own Labour Day Adventure

I’m not sure who’s responsible for first saying it, but time appears to move quicker as you grow older.

I also believe this adage to be true for kids in school, at least during the summer months.  It seems like just a couple of weeks have passed since the LA Kings won their first Stanley Cup in franchise history.

Today is the third day of September, and it appears that we’re further from a labour agreement than we were a month ago.  Friday’s contract talks appeared to end in a terse fashion, with the NHLPA saying that they’re willing to sit down and talk whenever the league is ready.  The league is pointing the finger back at the players’ association.  The truth is probably lodged somewhere in the middle.


Most everyone I speak to is at least somewhat worked up about the pending NHL labour stoppage.  Seeing as how we’re just twelve days away from what would be the third lockout since 1994, the time is drawing close.  I’d be a big fat liar if I told you that I wouldn’t miss NHL hockey when October rolled around.  I will miss it, and I know a lot of you will too.

But, while the two sides gnash and tear through days discussing what’s fair, today is Labour day, and you shouldn’t…well, labour any more than you have to.  Take time and enjoy things in your life that don’t involve your job (if you can), labour disputes, contract negotiations, terse conversations, or otherwise clunky business.

Take the day off.  Enjoy yourself.   Get out to see your folks.  If you can’t see your folks, see people whose company you enjoy, and those who enjoy yours.  Grill up some tubed meat products, or grill some nice giant mushrooms if you’re so inclined.   Fly a kite with your kids.  Go on a boat.   Throw off your coat.  Pick up a note.  Put another coffee on.

I don’t know exactly what it is that you’ll be doing today, but try and make sure it’s something you enjoy doing around people you want to be around.  We can worry about this labour stuff in the days, weeks, and months in the future.

And a couple of cold ones go a long way as well.

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