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Taylor Hall Signs Extension Through 2020

If you don’t have a beer or a magnum of champagne ready. I’ll go ahead and wait for you to grab one.  And go put a record on.  Might I suggest this?


Things are good on Oiler Hill today. Taylor Hall has signed a seven year extension to remain an Oiler through the 2019-20 season.  Reports suggest that it’s a 7 year / $42M deal.  A pocket calculator would suggest that Hall’s cap hit will figure out to six million a year.

I’d like to think that management was proactive in getting this deal done, what with the whole lockout thing that looms three weeks away.  Taylor Hall is the best player on this team, and they’ve shown a willingness to keep him on their side until the end of this decade at least.

I’m glad this got done.  I’m glad the club did what it had to get this deal done.  Entering a lockout on the last year of a contract is scary business.  For every shot I take at management or the team, this is one where I raise my glass, look at you with my good eye and say “Good job out there”.

They had to sign him.  I’m glad it’s for this term length, and this money.

So how long until we hear about Eberle?

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